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A collection of videos I’ve made with bands or just for fun, much on Super 8 and 16mm film.

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Skylark - New Targets

A colourful and shapeshifting tour of Amsterdam with Skylark, filmed in the summer of 2017 when they played at the OCCII. Performance and city portraiture.

Super 8 transferred to Digital | 1.33 | 2.5 mins | Watch

Way Out

Big Joanie - Way Out

A Super 8 tour of Brixton with the band, featuring important locations such as Olive Morris House and Katakata, intercut with performance footage and Nosa from the collective skateboarding group Sibling exploring the area. The music video is presented in a two-screen format, and the footage has been re-adapted for a single screen to play behind the band live when possible.

Big Joanie point out the inclusion of”the since lost Olive Morris House, dedicated to the black British community activist, the shopping arcade, their favourite post-practice creperie, Katakata” in the video. They also highlight the ever-changing landscape of Brixton as new builds litter the landscape, denoting the continued efforts to morph and gentrify the area.”” - David Renshaw, The Fader

Super 8 transferred to Digital | 2x 1.33/2.68 | 2 mins | Watch


Solution Hours - Kneading

A collection of long-durational portraits of friends & family with their pets, shot on Super 8. A reflection on the song’s theme.

Super 8 transferred to Digital | 1.33 | 3 mins | Watch


Studio Molar

A teaser video for Molar’s EP Straniero’ using fly on the wall footage of them in the studio.

Digital | 1.66 | 1 mins | Watch

Fall Asleep

Big Joanie - Fall Asleep

Big Joanie set up and play in a practice room then go to the Nitty Gritty’ club night in Camden where Deb DJs.

Digital | 1.33/1.78 | 3 mins | Watch


Doe - Labour Like I Do

Alien domesticity and a homage to Office Space.

Digital | 1.78 | 4 mins | Watch

Try Again

Solution Hours - Try Again

Shot on an autumn afternoon as the sun sets, utilising the reflection of a ceiling light, and my cat.

Digital | 1.78 | 4 mins | Watch


Petrol Girls - Survivor

A sequence of fast moving still images featuring sculpture work by artist Mariah Pearl exploring synaesthesia, captured largely in macro. Co-directed with Ren Aldridge of the band.

The way that Mariah’s paintings play with the surface of the canvas gives me a really strong feeling of a clandestine power that refuses to be captured or identified. For me, this reflects whisper networks and the erupting movement against sexual violence. It’s like the tree roots that push up through the tarmac.” - Ren Aldridge, Petrol Girls

Digital | 1.66 | 3 mins | Watch


Doe - Monopoly

A riff on a 90s dating show, featuring characters and jokes in response to perceptions of the band (e.g lack of a bassist). Largely improvised, with the subtitles adapted from spontaneous moments. Co-directed with Nicola Leel of the band.

Digital | 1.78 | 3 mins | Watch


Petrol Girls - Phallocentric

A two screen response to Yves Klein that rejects the gendered approach of his work, featuring a variety of romantic partners and friends expressing their admiration for each other with paint. Co-directed with Ren Aldridge of the band.

The video is based loosely on an old performance art piece by Yves Klein where he painted naked women blue and made them print their bodies. The video begins with a straight forward subversion of this idea — with fully clothed Ren painting a naked man blue — then goes on to play with it as a way of different pairs expressing their affection and/or sexual desire for each other, in a rainbow of different colours. As well as a music video (and excuse for us to get messy, lets be honest) the film is also part of an art project in its own right. We had no idea what each pair would do with the paint or what their body prints would come out like. It was important that they made their own choices about what they wanted to do depending on what they were comfortable with. It was decided before shooting, that the video would be made up of two screens, with the left side paced more like a classic music video, and the right more like an art film or documentation of performance art” - Ren Aldridge, Petrol Girls

Digital | 2x 1.33/1.78 | 3 mins | Watch


Doe - Sincere

A series of tableaus concerning food and malaise, with food emojis too.

Mixing in low-grade special effects, strong visual composition, and crisp editing, Sincere” is progressively elevated throughout its overall running time. As with all great clips, the song and the video inform each other, operating in a symbiotic relationship with virtually no drawback. As the band members dispassionately mime the words to the song in an effectively tongue-in-cheek runner, the Andrew Northrop-directed clip capitalizes on a modicum of momentum to hit a climactic section that involves the band remaining blasé while a variety of odd things happen with their food selections.” - Steven Spoerl, Heartbreaking Bravery

Digital | 1.33 | 3 mins | Watch


Petrol Girls - Slug

An experiment with glitch art, data moshing clips of the band performing with cellphone videos taken at the Calais Jungle’ camp where several members of the band were volunteering. A video that tricked a lot of people into thinking something was wrong with the file, and which I’m sure never made my computer the same after all the various broken .avi files and scripts.

Digital | 1.78 | 4 mins | Watch