Here is a collection of digital and analogue photos taken from 2011 onward, primarily covering bands through the so-called third-wave’ of emo and post-hardcore music and concerts in London.

My archive of photos has suffered from a bit of platform-obsolesence, and additional work can be found on my long-abandoned Tumblr & Flickr profiles.

Baton Rouge

The Blue Period

Suis La Lune

1. Baton Rouge, Buffalo Bar, London, 2012
2. The Blue Period, About Time 3, London, 2015
3. Suis La Lune, The Old Blue Last, London, 2012




1. Doe, 2018
2. Lemuria, Banquet Records, 2015
3. Jonah Matranga & Witching Waves, 2019

Joie de Vivre

Loma Prieta

1. Joie de Vivre, About Time, London, 2012
2. Loma Prieta, The Unicorn, London, 2015




1. Trainwreck, The Black Heart, London, 2012
2. Punch, The Underworld, London, 2012
3. Mineral, Banquet Records, 2015